Patients with Special Needs

Caring And Sensitive Dental Treatment For Your Child’s Special Circumstances

We work with you to provide a caring and sensitive experience for your child.

We are very aware that children with special needs may have a difficult time visiting the dentist. At Pediatric Dental Care of Waltham, we will plan your time at the office to be an easy experience:

Respect your child’s schedule and route when setting the appointment time. Request a favorite, familiar team member for service.

In our office, we will work with your child’s disabilities so that they can be as comfortable as possible. This includes any special equipment or restraints that may be needed.

To make sure your child has a good dental appointment, tell us about your child’s disabilities and any questions you have about them.

Advance Preparation Helps Assure Your Child A Positive Dental Appointment.

We know that early planning leads to a much more positive experience for special-needs children. PDC is prepared to work with you and your child; we listen to their fears and answer any questions that they may have. We walk them step-by-step through the procedure so that they have knowledge. When you are speaking to your child about their upcoming dentist visit, please feel free to ask us for suggestions to make them more comfortable. We know how important good oral health is for you and your child.